Retired Dogs

Hudson in a quinze





This page is dedicated to Evan’s buddy, Hudson, who had pretty much retired himself from pulling a sled before he ever wore a harness. Hudson was a companion, best friend, adventurer and instigator of what followed. He taught many of our dogs how to howl and he was grumpy enough in his senior years to teach our puppies some respect. His was a presence not easily ignored, even now after he is gone.





*The dogs listed here may be available for adoption as pets. Send us an e-mail if you see a dog that you would like to offer your home to.




Born: June 2002
Weight: 48 lbs
Olive has been our main race leader for the past four seasons and one of our all-around dogs before that. She is a very smart dog and excels in front of a team, where the dogs behind her do all the work. Olive is a young dog in terms of retirement, but we wanted to retire her early because she will make a great companion/house dog. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to keep her as a house pet because she is very small animal predatory, responsible for six chickens and a now much warier cat. Olive is now retired from racing but she will still go out with us for fun trips and conditioning runs until the perfect home comes along.








Born: July 1999
Risk was probably the best $100 we ever spent. We bought her from a young musher in the Yukon and when we bought her, Risk had already led in two Junior Yukon Quests. At that time, we were desperate for a decent leader and Risk more than filled that role. She has trained almost all of our leaders to date and has seen as much of the country as we have. It was a hard decision to retire her because she is the sort of dog that gives the musher confidence. She took her commands without hesitation but was smart enough to disobey if I called one command and another would have taken us over a safer path. The first time this happened, I was immediately angry with her until I saw the patch of open water we’d have gone into had we stayed on the course I’d chosen. Since then, I trusted her judgement without fail. Leaders like her are rare indeed.


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