I remember reading somewhere the line: ‘I am glad to have given up the comfort and security of a career for the chance to experience life.’  This is as close as I can come, in defineable terms, to how we see things around here.  We do what we can to support our lifestyle – one that includes a kennel of sled dogs, a few chickens, and the desire to become increasingly self-sufficient again.  Ours is not always the easy path and it entails a lot of making things up as we go but it is never dull and usually there is a story in there, somewhere.


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  1. Just spent the most enjoyable 2 hours on your “blog”! Evan, I think you’re a wonderful writer, so much so that I have mentioned to several friends to check out your Blog as well. I smiled and laughed and teared up when I saw how cute Hunter is! Keep up the great work! Hope to see you guys next time I’m down. Wendy

  2. Very nice website. Enjoyed poking around and will keep coming back to check out the stories. Jack

  3. Hi Evan,

    Your entire website looks great!


    Mom and Dad

    • Thanks for having a look. I thought I might have tired you out with the website when you were up last. I still have some small changes to make, mostly adding pictures, so there should be more to look at soon.

  4. hi evan and jenn. chris, myself and echo had a great time on sunday afternoon. we would like to thank both of you and tammy for your time in doing this. echo really enjoyed himself and i think with practice he could be a very good sleddog. we hope to do this again with you. you said you knew someone who made harnesses would you mind emailng me the info we would like to have one or two made for echo and maybe a sled aswell for next year.

    thank you
    chris, colette and echo

    • Hi there,

      Glad to hear you had a good time. It was great to see so much enthusiasm for a sport we are very passionate about. Echo was a lot of fun and looked like he really enjoyed himself. I’ve sent contact information for harnesses and a sled to your email address.

      Thanks again for your interest.

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