Covered Bridge in Hunter River



Work has been pretty scarce these past several months, but I didn’t really know how scarce until my boss asked if I would be willing to go to Prince Edward Island for work.  I was being sent to the Atlantic Provinces – an area known for high unemployment – because there was no work at home.  So, here I  am.  In Prince Edward Island.  Anne Shirley’s back yard (I’m not kidding – my room is in Cavendish, directly across the road from Lucy Maude Montgomery’s grave.  And her grandparent’s graves, too.)  The Green  Gables golf course, which encloses the Green Gables National park, is less than a three minute walk from my room and, while I doubt very much that the lady who checked me into my room was Marilla Cuthbert, I’ll bet they went to school together.



The road leading from Hunter River to Charlottetown.


One of several farms along the way


Hunter River


Farmy landscape on the way back to the cottage


Small house, giant yard

My drive to work takes me down a narrow road, hemmed in on both sides by potaoto fields or the quaintest homes you ever did see.

The accommodations for my stay – a motel/cottage combo – are not as picturesque and charming as you may expect, given that every other tourism-reliant place around here is seemingly trying to out-quaint everyone else.  In a way it’s a bit of a nice change.  It’s a pretty matter-of-fact set up: “here’s your bed, here’s your kitchenette” Here’s my money.  We have been told that we are paying the non-tourist rate, that the real money making rate will be rolled out in earnest once the tourists start to trickle in, in mid-June. I am assuming that is when all the restaurants, stores and just about everything else will spring to life, too.  We may be paying a reduced rate but,  despite forcing our Cape Bretoner group member to do all the talking, we weren’t able to get the ‘local’ rate.

Apart from my drive to and from work, I have not yet been able to get out and explore the island so that means I have, sadly, missed the Rhubarb Social and the New Dominion Ceileigh but I will be sure to make it to the next ones.

The photos here are taken with my phone from a moving truck, so please, don’t expect any Ansel Adams landscapes.  Also, I used my phone to post this, and the formatting has me just about crazy.  Apologies for the difficult layout.  I’ll hopefully get it sorted out for my next post.


3 Responses

  1. Great pictures, I stayed at Kindred Spirits which is close to you. Not much to do in Cavendish unless you golf or love Anne ? If you like lobster go to the church basement for dinner and don’t forget the coconut cream pie. Have fun.

    • Hi there. No – it’s not far at all. Unfortunately, I’m not here to golf because the courses look really nice. We are going to go to New Glasgow for lobster – we’ve heard it is really good there.

  2. Mary Lou is right the church basement are the place or Lobster fests, bring your own wine.

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