Cold air, new snow, bright sun.

I really thought it was going to take forever for winter to arrive – if it came at all.  We spent an increasingly frustrating time on a four-wheeler, just trying to get the dogs out and trained.  Even our temperatures were so unpredictable that it was nearly impossible to set aside clothes for the next day (if you are in the habit of doing that, which I’m not.  Thankfully)

Where I am going with this is here: we finally got some snow.  And some cold temperatures.  So not wanting to let either go by un-enjoyed, I took a bunch of dogs to one of our favourite trails.  The following video is from that day and it is a bit long but I did that in case the weather turns again and we lose our nice snowy artery through the bush.  This morning, as I write this, it is -22C but by Wednesday – three days from now – the forecast is saying to expect rain and temperatures four degrees above freezing.

Here is our run…


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  1. Nice snowpack!

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