Bring Your Dog Mushing Day

The trouble with addicts is that they are always looking to drag someone else into their addiction. No matter how much time it may swallow, no matter how drastic a lifestyle change it may require, the addict is more than happy to try and recruit new people into their world – which is why we help hold “Bring Your Dog Mushing” days. Welcome to our life-changing, money sucking and yet totally addictive world of dog-powered sports.


4 Responses

  1. I wish Gizmo was still here, can’t you picture it

    • Ha ha! I sure can. I don’t know which dog would be leading the team out but I sure know which one would be bossing them back in.

  2. What a great idea! How cool to see all the different breeds, and those big white fluffy guys are adorable. And that big tank of a dog (brown one) near the end looked like he could have dragged the team anywhere!

    • It is really cool to see all the other breeds for sure. The big brown one (I forget the breed) has quite a backstory I think, so to see her pulling or even just comfortable with the whole situation was really amazing.

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