Catching up after a long absence

It has been a long time since I have been able to update the blog: we have no Internet service due to, I am told, tree leaves blocking our signal. The only solution is to get a fifty-foot tower to raise our receiver above the tree line. The problem is, you don’t just trip over those sorts of things in your daily travel. So I am going to have to update from my phone for the foreseeable future, which I’d rather not do for several reasons, not the least of which is the amount of data I’d use uploading photos. A lot of this sounds like First World problems, I know, so I’ll just have to suck it up, I guess.

Just briefly, by way of quick update, we returned from a ten-day vacation to Florida (Disney included) on the tenth of May. We had a fantastic time driving down and back, visiting Disneyworld and the beaches Florida has to offer. It was the first vacation Jenn and I have had since we were married almost ten(!) years ago.

We we’re only home for a week and a half and our chickens arrived. After taking the summer off from raising any animals last year, it’s nice to see them back again. We presently have fifty two meat birds, fifty un-sexed chickens that will be our layers (the roosters will be sold at a fall auction, I think). To be honest, I forget the type of chickens that they are, but all of them are Easter-eggers, which, if you remember from several years ago, are the ones that lay the coloured eggs.

We also have six turkeys. We had a dozen but Jenn sold half when when she couldn’t get a slaughter date for them closer to Thanksgiving.

And pigs; we are apparently getting pigs. I have resisted pigs for years because I don’t really enjoy thee smell or the mess they can turn your fields into. But Jenn assures me that these guys, a Tamworth/Berkshire cross don’t need a wallow and that they will be kept in a movable pen to help keep our fields trimmed. In the Fall, after our garden has been harvested, we will move them there to hopefully eat the leftover plants and weed roots. We let our garden grow in last year and it was a deplorable mess that took a long weekend to get ready for planting.

Boris, our newly acquired, retired sled dog had his eye removed shortly after our return from Florida. Don’t come to our place if you want to keep your eyes. He had been suffering from uveitis and a luxated lens. There was no repairing it and to keep it intact would have caused him discomfort. Happily, his surgery went well – we have recently found some amazing local vets – and he is now fully recovered and back to normal. Both Oly and Olive are also back to normal.

Here is a video I made a while back. Hopefully, it works being uploaded from the phone:


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  1. she’s got the moves, and looks so natural, Great Grandad would have been proud of you Hunter!

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