The Puppies

If you are a returning reader, thanks for coming back to the old site. If you are a new reader, I hope you enjoy what we have here. Either way, thanks for taking the time to visit. I decided to return to this site because sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I had wanted to combine all of our ‘dog stuff’ into one website; we were planning on enlisting sponsors and going a more professional route with our approach to the dogs but, in the end, we decided to just keep it as our thing. It would have been fine to continue posting to the nomadracing site – the new one – but to be honest, I designed it and it looks awful. Plus, being tied to the dogs, it felt out of place posting things that were not dog related, despite the fact that I likely haven’t done that yet, anyway. However, here we are again and hopefully you will find some entertainment in what I post. Thanks again for stopping by.

The Puppies:

Have you ever had that feeling where you are certain of something? Extremely certain? Can’t fail certain? So certain that you don’t want to actually go through with whatever you are certain about for fear of being wrong? Horribly wrong? Me too.

We have this litter of puppies – almost fourteen months old now – whose lineage reads like a who’s who of winning sled dogs. Just by their appearance you can tell these are going to be some pretty special dogs. Of this I am certain.

Image Hosted by


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Jenn and I talked at the beginning of the training season and we decided that we would hold off training these puppies for another year. We’d run them with the older dogs, just to get them out and understanding what sledding is all about but, as for serious training, we decided that we’d hold off a year. Even though we both knew the temptation to run them with the racing dogs would be great. And for a long time, we were good about it. The racing dogs went out and the puppies stayed behind. The old dogs went out and the puppies went along and it was clear that the puppies were already on board with what sledding was all about. So it wasn’t really a surprise when Jenn came to me one day and said: “I’ve been thinking…”

“I’ve been thinking,” she started “that we should maybe run the puppies with the main team this year because they will be two next year and that is too late to start training them for racing.”

Despite our agreement, despite my wanting to hold firm to what we knew was going to be a difficult choice and despite my wanting to hold off running the dogs so as to preserve their perfect image for as long as possible, I agreed.

For the next two runs, we backed off the miles because the puppies had less training than the main team, but when we’d arrive back at the truck after these shortened runs, the puppies would look like they never went out, even though I watched them pull like crazy for the entire run. Nothing seems to phase them: we’ve passed cars, people, other dogs and a wolf; we’ve run during the day, during the night, fast and slow and all with no problems whatsoever.

Image Hosted by

Back at the truck from a run.  The puppies are closer to the back, but it’s nice to see the whole team sometimes, too.

I guess that is enough raving about the puppies. I am just pretty shocked that they were able to catch on so quickly. It really took no time at all. And, who knows? Maybe we willrace them this year – but of that I’m not certain.


I had intended for the video to show darkness slowly give way to light and out of the darkness a dog team would emerge, into the light, only to be swallowed up by the darkness again, as they fade off into the distance.  I thought it would be somehow metaphorical.  A brief glimpse of magic – or something.  Instead, it looks more like archival footage of a Bigfoot sighting.


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