Moxy ‘n’ Epic, sittin’ in a tree…

Not quite eighty days ago Epic the dog experienced what will probably be a defining moment in his life, if not one of it’s biggest highlights: he was bred to Moxy, one of our females. He’s a young dog, very energetic and sort of goofy, so imagine his surprise when Jenn led over a female dog who must’ve smelled great. There was very little small talk; Epic acted like he was at his junior prom and got all grope-y; Moxy, well, she’s a bit older than him and was likely worried that she’d never find love, or at least a decent male, so she threw herself at him like those middle-aged, single ladies with too much make up and too tight jeans that seem to congregate at seedy honky-tonks. “Cougars,” I think they’re called. Two days later, they were at it again.

So now, here we are, just over seventy days later, and we have four, week-and-a-bit-old puppies. Right from the start, Hunter wanted to name a puppy “Easter,” which we said she could; even if we’d had all males, one of them was going to get the moniker. Jenn and I had decided to name the puppies after characters from some of Robert Service’s poems – partly because we like to name the litters after a theme of some sort – but I suppose we could have changed our theme to match Hunter’s already chosen name. We might have gone with “Islands” as a theme: Easter, Crete, Aruba and Island 23 (it’s in a lake near us). But, instead, we stuck with our plan, so now we have a litter of puppies named: Easter, Barbed Wire Bill (Bill), Dangerous Dan McGrew (Dan) and the Lady Known as Lou (Lou).

They are a little more than a week and a half old so there isn’t much to report on them yet. They are a calm bunch; they don’t fuss or cry when they are taken away from Moxy to be handled and socialized. They like to be picked up and they are content to lay in a heap together. Moxy has been a very doting mother so far and is feeding them well so we see quite a bit of growth in them.

I guess the only thing to do now is post some photos.

Image Hosted by

Moxy the mom and two glowing white puppies.


Image Hosted by

Puppies sleeping on a bed sheet on the living room floor.  Left to right: Puppy one, puppy two, puppy three and puppy four.


Image Hosted by

More puppies in a pile.  It looks like that is Bill on top of Puppy two.  Puppy three is in the background.


Image Hosted by

This is Dan.  I know him because of his black nose.  He is on top of Lou, who is a darker colour than the rest and pretty hefty.


Image Hosted by

This one’s Bill.


Image Hosted by

Lou, Dan, Bill and Easter.  In that order, depending on where you start.


Image Hosted by

Easter.  Hunter finally put her down long enough for a photo to be taken.


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