A sunday outing

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As we drove to the lake I wondered if I’d have anything to post from our little paddle. It didn’t take long.

We had launched from shore and were making our way to a small bay where I wanted to try a few casts. Hunter has her own paddle and is more than happy to go against the flow and make waves with it so, when I heard the splash, I thought it was her, playing with her paddle. I didn’t bother to lift my head until I heard Jenn exclaim “Oh god! The dog!”

My head snapped up to see Ginger fifteen feet from the canoe and making a beeline for shore, some three hundred feet distant. I called to her and she turned around, paddling her way back to the canoe. Before Sunday, if anyone had asked me if I thought Ginger’s eyes could get any more bugged out, I would have said ‘no’; but, then, I would have been wrong. Despite her realization that this was probably one of her worst ideas, she swam very capably towards us until I was able to haul her up and into the canoe. She very wisely spent the rest of the outing on the floor of the canoe, walking from between Jenn’s legs to between mine.

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Ginger, fresh in the boat after her swim.

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Jenn, doing all of the work, Hunter fishing and me, taking pictures.

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Hunter having a good time.  Me trying about the fifteenth lure.

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This Painted Turtle was laying in the middle of the road, so Jenn just had to go rescue it.   It probably spent all morning making its way out to the road and in minutes, it was back in the water.

It has always been a bit of a dream of mine and Jenn’s to be on land that is secluded and to be able to run our dogs from the house; no more trucking the dogs just to run them. While we were driving back from the lake, we saw a “House For Sale” sign nailed to a tree. We followed it to see what the house might be like and the longer we drove, the better it got. We were driving on the same trails that we used all last winter to run the dogs and we were miles from anyone. We arrived at the most unbelievable scene: 80 acres of land surrounded by Crown Land in an unorganized township, right on a major trail network. It must have been a mirage. Unable to believe what we were seeing, Jenn, Hunter, Ginger and I got out to have a look around.

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The land is a mix of bush and field and set back off the trails a little bit is a grouping of buildings that look like they were originally constructed to serve some function for the railroad. The trail we had driven along is an abandoned rail bed. The buildings are hand-hewn logs, dovetailed together and chinked. Any of the important buildings have a new metal roof on them and they range from what was probably a shop of some sort to a small barn, a tack shed (we’re guessing at this point) and a two-storey house with a larger barn attached. There is already an ideal spot for the dogs, a root cellar, a garden and an old skeleton of a windmill that looks like it used to draw the water for the place. The house has been recently lived-in because we could see the new solar panels that serve to power the place. A five-minute walk down the laneway which winds in behind some bush and crosses a small creek is another house, which I assume is the main dwelling on the property.

Although we were able to drive right to the place, I think in the winter we’d have to park the truck on the road three or four miles down the rail bed and snowmachine in because I’m almost positive that the road in isn’t plowed and I don’t think I would want to spend all my time plowing a road. Oh, yeah, it’s the place for us. We are having a hard time convincing ourselves that it’s not the right time to be considering this. First of all, we’d have to come up with a business proposal to submit to someone for grant money to make a place like this do-able. It would need, based on the buildings we saw, some pretty major restorations done to convert it to the eco-tourism sort of place we’ve always talked about running. So, we’ll just file it away and hope that nobody else wants it for a few years.

Okay.  We’re horrible parents, I admit it.  But still, this is kinda funny.

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Ginger, now dry from her dip, chews on a stick while we pack up.  See?  Useless.

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Another shot of Ginger.


4 Responses

  1. “As we drove to the lake I wondered if I’d have anything to post from our little paddle…” how could you not, Mr. Murphy? 😉

    Glad that Ginger appears to be none the worse for wear. You know, now that she is getting fluffier (when not wet!) she doesn’t look quite so bug-eyed or bobble-headed. Dare I say…almost cute?

    That place looks perfect! How exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it’s still available when you’re ready.

    • Not having anything to post is sometimes a blessing because it means we’ve avoided a train wreck of some sort.

      Ginger is a much tougher dog than I would have expected. She still isn’t cute though…

      The place *is* perfect; I just keep thinking that the longer it sits waiting for us to be ready, the more work I’ll have to do when we get it. I have got to get my act together.

  2. Ok, that was HILARIOUS! And I would kill my parents if they did anything like that to me. Hunter looks neither scared or impressed with your “joke”!!! Haha.

    I have to remember you have a new blog! I’ve missed out on months of posts…

    • She was definitely not impressed with us. I think we are maybe contributing to some couch-time for her in the future. That or an early booking to a retirement home.

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